Changing the Culture

Welcome to “The Online Parent’s Guide for the Prevention of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Use.” Our e-learning course is self-paced, interactive and informative. This virtual classroom was created just for parents-by students and parents and experts-and it was designed to be shared with other parents across the nation. Invite your friends, no matter where they live, to make their own journey through this course.

Join us! Educate yourself and make this course a catalyst for communication among other parents as we all work together to: Change the Culture on Underage Drinking, Smoking and Other Drug Use.

Navigating this Course

This “Online Parent’s Guide” contains the six sections shown on the left, and takes about one hour to complete.

To go directly to a section, select the section name from the menu. Within each section key topics appear in the sub-navigation panel to the left of the screen. You can select any of the topics, OR simply click NEXT to proceed screen by screen.

Pass the quiz and a Completion Certificate will be awarded after each section.

******Our gratitude to the students, parents and experts who created this course to help us:

Design and Development:
Baylor University School of Education graduate Class EDC 5357, Spring 2003
Teri Lloyd
Doug Rogers
Ginger Dean
Shannon Trimble
Drew Pickle
Terry Martin
Jeremy McCaig

Project Team
Brian Dusablon
Ben Lamm
Keith Lipe
Dr. James Moshinskie
Karen Schleicher
Brent Wiethoff
Jannai Wirth

Graphic Designer
Ben Lamm

Project Manager
Karen Schleicher

With special thanks to David, who made it all possible.

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