The information on this Web site is excellent and I am a full supporter of helping my kids stay alcohol free. What can I do if I know some of my daughter’s friend’s parents still think that drinking is not such a big deal?

First, you are doing the right thing by staying involved with your daughter and helping her avoid alcohol and other drug use. The best approaches in helping other parents understand the dangers of use are through education.

We are fortunate to have science on our side when we talk about underage drinking. You can check with the school and encourage them to sponsor Parent Education evenings to talk about alcohol, tobacco and other drug use.

You can share this web site with a friend, making an opening remark about the fun, interesting, new e-learning course. Your enthusiasm may encourage other parents to try the course and educate themselves.

Changing the culture on underage alcohol use takes time.. Simply discussing the topic and setting firm guidelines for your own daughter will help others.