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Our booklet, “A Parent’s Guide for the Prevention of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Use”, is a 28-page manual written for parents by a group of parents ** from Georgetown Preparatory School. The booklet explains the dangers of substance abuse from a scientific, legal and social viewpoint and has been reviewed by experts– Wilkie Wilson, Ph.D., professor of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology at Duke University Medical Center, and Beth Kane Davidson, M.Ed. CAC, director of the Suburban Hospital Addiction Treatment Center (Bethesda, MD), and Jeffrey M. Georgi, M.Div. CCAS, clinical director of the Duke Addictions Program, Duke University Medical Center.

The original booklet has been updated to include the most recent scientific information regarding the effects of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs on the development of the adolescent brain. Fulton Crews, Ph.D. (UNC), Robert DuPont, M.D. (first Director, NIDA/Georgetown U.), Bridget Grant, Ph.D. (NIH), Linda Spear, Ph.D. (Binghamton U.), Scott Swartzwelder, Ph.D. (Duke), Susan Tapert, Ph.D. (UCSD), and Wilkie Wilson, Ph..D. (Duke), the scientists themselves, helped us and we are grateful to them for their expertise.

**Georgetown Prep Substance Abuse Manual Committee- Carolyn Collins, Mimi (President Parents’ Board 1997) and Al Fleury, Jr. MD, ’66, Nancy Jackman, Brian McCarty, President Parents’ Board 1998, Cathy McClave, President Parents’ Board 1999, Mary Ellen and Bob Moylan, Margaret and Mike Murphy, Phil O’Donoghue, Esq. ’68, Roberta and Steve Saxon, Esq. ’69, and Bridget Zarate.