Why It’s Important

Studies indicate that the likelihood of a young person using alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs decreases the more that the child believes usage would upset his or her parents. The mission of the Community of Concern is to educate parents and build partnerships of parents, students, schools and other organizations to keep youth alcohol, tobacco and other drug free.

The purpose of the booklet is not only to disseminate information, but also to gather together schools and other organizations within a given geographical area to demonstrate a common purpose. The cover of the booklet, which lists participating schools and other organizations, is a public testament to the unity of the schools around the issue of substance abuse prevention among students.

Parents in partnership with each other, their children and their schools form a strong alliance enabling all of us to coordinate our efforts to protect our children. Parents, schools and other organizations are then able to play a critical and essential role in a comprehensive, community-based prevention effort whose goal is to keep children healthy and safe.