It Takes A Community

All of us, parents and teachers alike, are aware that one of the toughest challenges we face is helping our children avoid the perils of substance abuse. Through our booklet, “A Parent’s Guide for the Prevention of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Use” and our “Online Parent’s Guide” e-learning course based on the booklet, parents, students, schools and other organizations have joined together to form the Community of Concern to enable us to coordinate our efforts to protect our children.

Young people are especially vulnerable to becoming users of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and encountering associated problems. Parents in partnership with schools and other organizations can work together in a comprehensive, community-based prevention effort to eliminate tolerance of underage drinking and illicit drug use.

Please read the booklet “A Parent’s Guide for the Prevention of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Use“, take the “Online Parent’s Guide” e-learning course, explore this Web site, support the Community of Concern, and make your efforts catalysts for communication among yourselves. Share your experiences, questions, suggestions, fears, victories and failures. If you do we are confident that good things will happen- for you and for your children/students.

Then the work to produce these educational materials will have been most worthwhile.