Inaugural Celebration

The lead school or any other member of a local Community of Concern may host an Inaugural Celebration where all the parents from all the participating schools are invited to an evening presentation regarding substance abuse prevention.  Often schools invite Mimi Fleury, President and Co-Founder, to give a brief history and highlights of the organization and a recommended scientist as a key note speaker.  Such “Celebrations” can become annual events, bringing parents together to help them gain a greater insight into the impacts of underage drinking and other drug use and to re-connect them with one another as they build parent-networks to help their children make safe, healthy decisions.

Since we believe that the hope of our initiative lies in the poser of science as it relates to recent research about the effects of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs on the adolescent brain, we think that having a neuroscientist or pharmacologist or addictionologist will  help parents better understand the significance of the research.

To help you plan your Inaugural Celebration marking the presence of the Community of Concern in your area, please download any planning tools you may need.  There is a sample invitation to give you some ideas about how to announce your plans.

Download these sample documents:

Inaugural Celeb. Invitation– This document is a sample invitation.

Inaugural Celeb. Doc. – This document is a summary of Goals for Inaugural Celebration