Community Highlights

The Community of Concern was started because parents, schools and students wanted to share the same information regarding substance abuse prevention. Our booklet has enabled parents in different schools, across the entire country, to be on the SAME page. Through this website, we will be able to continue to share not just the booklet, but other ideas to help us guide our children.

Long Island Community of Concern– Mr. Huson Gregory, Headmaster of Portledge School, initiated the Community of Concern program regionally and he continues to move forward in encouraging Catholic schools, other private schools and public school districts to join with him. “The substance abuse problem is insidious within the community,” said Mr. Gregory. “Only through community action will there be a beneficial outcome for our youth.”

Mr. Gregory has reached out to the Inter School Exchange and its member schools and was recently joined by the Locust Valley Central School District.

Minnesota Community of Concern– Dr. Dawn Nichols, Headmistress of the Convent of the Visitation School initiated a 15 school group that has grown as more and more schools have joined the lead of Dr. Nichols. The Minnesota group sponsored a Leadership Symposium and is planning to have a scientist join them this Spring as they continue to educate and build momentum within their parent community.

Greater Houston Area Community of Concern – Mr. Don North, Headmaster of the Kinkaid School, has initiated a 27 school Community of Concern in January 2003. The group, led by parent Peggy Rathmell, has hosted an Inaugural Celebration, Leadership Symposium and has set up a Steering Committee to carry out local priorities. The Houston Community of Concern has made a contribution to the nation through their superb organizational, and motivational leadership. (Download the booklet which was distributed to participants of the Leadership Symposium)

Macon Community of Concern – Mr. Barney Hester, Headmaster of Tattnall Square Academy has built a bridge in his community linking both public and private schools. He has raised funds from Georgia Farm Bureau and Coca Cola of Atlanta to fund the purchase of the booklets for the Bibb County Public Schools. He has also instituted an innovative drug testing policy at his school to help protect the students.

Washington, DC metropolitan area Community of Concern – The first Community of Concern, founded by Dr. James Power, Headmaster, Georgetown Preparatory School and Mimi Fleury, a parent, has started the Head of School Advisory Board for the Washington Community of Concern. The Board has established 3 priorities-

  1. to provide more scientific information to parents and students regarding findings that underage drinking, smoking and other drug use can adversely and permanently affect the physical, psychological and emotional development of adolescents;
  2. to provide more peer leadership highlighting students who have decided not to drink, smoke or use other drugs; and
  3. to develop a Common Statement regarding their joint stance on preventing alcohol, tobacco and other drug use among their students.

The Common Statement has just been completed and can be viewed here.(Download) The Head of School Advisory Board members will invite the other schools in the Washington group to join with them in signing this statement and distributing it to the parents of their students.

Northern California Community of Concern – St. Ignatius College Preparatory School, led by Steve Phelps, Ph.D., Director of Professional Development, has spearheaded a massive effort to combat underage drinking, smoking and other drug use. The group has developed a web site and a curriculum that they are sharing with the nation.