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How to say NO 

Preparing your child to say NO when offered a beer, cigarettes or other drugs is the simplest way to help them avoid underage drinking or other drug use.  Learning how to handle peer pressure is a difficult task for both children and adults.

Make it easier by helping your child learn effective ways to say NO.  Advise him/her to be calm and confident.  The first time they say “no” is the hardest.  It’s easier with practice.

The best method to prepare your child to deal with peer pressure is by role-playing.  The more prepared they are, the better able they will be to handle high-pressure situations that involve drinking, smoking or other drug use.

Who will most likely ask your child to try beer, cigarettes or other drugs?  A friend.  How does it feel to say “no” to a friend?  It is the drugs that are being rejected, not necessarily the friend.

  • No.  I don’t want any…Forget it.
  • My mom and dad trust me not to try that.
  • No, my parents will ground me for a month.  It’s not worth it.
  • I want to stay eligible for the team..or the play..etc.